Selling your “as is” in Texas

Lessons to sell a house

Selling your “as is” in Texas

If you have a home you are looking to move but don’t want to put a considerable amount of money into improvements or alterations, then you need to have a strategy in selling your “as is” house in Texas. It may depend on where in Texas you are located and the overall appearance and state your home sits, but it is possible for you to move the house. Now, do understand that if there are problems with the home and you do not want to put money into fixing it, you will need to drop your asking price, otherwise potential buyers may not be willing to place a bid on the home. However, with a few general changes and with a quality selling strategy, you shouldn’t have a terrible issue with selling it.

Available Upgrades For Next to Nothing

So you don’t want to spend much money on the house. That is fine and it is your decision. However, you do need to understand that the presentation of the home is going to go a long way in selling it and selling it quickly.

First, look at the lawn and vegetation around the house. This is the curb appeal of the house. You want to boost the curb appeal. If a possible buyer is turned off by how the front of the home looks, they might not even walk into the house at all. So, you need to first consider the landscaping. Keep the lawn well maintained, trim the bushes around the house, pick up clippings and do whatever you need to to bring up the appearance of the yard. It is amazing what a little yard work can to towards making your home more attractive.

On the inside of your home, you want to declutter the house. You don’t need to buy anything for this. Just remover family photographs, over-sized furniture and other items that reduce the size of the room. You want people to feel as if it is their home, and your family photographs are not helping. The most you might need to pay for this is rent out a storage unit for some of the furniture. Outside of this, it is an excellent idea to sell your “as is” home quickly.


You need to compete against others selling their home. Many of these individuals are willing to make updates and upgrades to their home. This means, you need to price your home to sell. First, look at other homes in the area and find out what they are selling for. You might even want to take a tour of some of the local houses to see what they look like on the inside. From there, you can price your home for a competitive advantage. You might need to go a bit lower than what some of the other home sellers are going for simply because you do not want to pay for upgrades, but it brings more people into your home and it makes it easier for you to sell.