Is it better to sell my house before or after divorce in Texas?

What to do with your house in the event of a divorce?

Selling a house in the midst of a divorce is a complicated matter that must be discussed with a lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer knows how to figure what the complications will be, and the lawyer will let both parties know what can happen when the home is sold. A house is an asset, and that asset may need to remain in the names of both people before the divorce is over.

How Much Is The House Worth?

The house may be worth quite a lot of money, and the house can be sold to make sure both people get paid in the divorce. The same may be true if the two parties need to get out from under some significant debt. Ask the lawyer how much the house is worth, and find out if the house needs to be sold before or after the divorce. A lawyer may want the house to be sold long before the divorce to make sure the cash is off the table or a judge may order the couple to keep the house while he decides what to do with it.

Who Is Filing For Divorce?

The person who is filing for divorce can get rid of a house to make sure that they are moving on, but the person who is fighting the divorce may not be allowed to sell the house to get away from their responsibilities. A lawyer knows what must be done to make sure that both parties are safe when the house is sold, or the judge may tell both parties that they need to wait until the divorce is final.

Who Plans To Live In The House?

The house cannot be sold when other people plan to live in it, and this becomes an even more serious matter when the person who is staying in the house plans to make the payments. Someone who is willing to take over the house properly should be allowed to do so, and this is something that helps make everyone safe when the divorce is final.

Selling the house out from under someone could be grounds for a civil suit, and a lawyer can advise their client on how to file one of these suits when it is necessary. Also, the people who are selling the house must agree to the terms of the sale with the other party. Anything that is not done ethically could be considered a breach of the spirit of the law by a judge.

Selling a house before or after a divorce is a decision that people need to make with their lawyers. The lawyers that are setting up these deals know how the law works, and the judge may step in to make sure that both parties in the deal are doing something that is fair and in the spirit of the law. Anything that is outside those bounds is not going to work with a judge who must help divide the estate evenly.

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