Best Real Estate Apps for 2015


Best Real Estate Apps for 2015

Using new innovative apps can be helpful for real estate buyers as well as those trying to sell their property. With the new mobile apps that are available, it is now easier than ever to look up homes and find what you are looking for from the convenience of your easy chair. No gas required to tour your dream home in the year 2015. If you are ready to buy or sell a home in today’s market, you will definitely want to update the process as much as possible using a real estate app. But, what are considered the best apps available for the 2015 market?

Well, first you need to look into what makes a real estate app really good. Apps that are easily navigable and have added features like GPS and mortgage calculator keep both buyer and real estate sellers happy. Improving efficiency and productivity when undergoing any search from a mobile device is great, and some apps are better functionally than others.

Zillow is still a hugely popular app. It is currently used more than any other real estate app out there. Because of its popularity and ease of use, this app is still one of the very best resources to take advantage of. Buyers enjoy this app because of its capacity to systematically sort listings according to different numerous criteria. What is really enjoyed by buyers is the Zestimates function which is really very accurate when wanting to find out how much your monthly mortgage will really cost you in the end.

Doorsteps is a handy new app from the creators of It is considered to be a more streamlined app than most. Doorstep uses a swipe method that is really fast for looking up different properties. You simply swipe right to save searches and left to discard. You can also easily share favorite properties with friends on social media with this new app.

Xomewas originally somewhat incomplete, but the bugs seem to be fixed now with the new Version 1.1.0. It is advertised as the first truly integrated real estate app. What does this mean? Xome is considered unique because it offers real estate consumers a one-stop shopping deal for the entire real estate experience. Starting with picking out a house and an agent to securing a financial agent and closing the big deal. They offer an online concierge service to use as a guide through the entire process, which anyone who has gone through the process will admit can really be confusing at times. Xome also now offers a full auction site which features homes that you can bid on.

Whatever site is your preference, whether you use your smartphone, ipad or tablet, technology is streamlining the real estate market for the better. Remember, however that presentation is still incredibly important when listing a home. Buyers will not continue to look at listed homes that are pictured in blurry photos or at awkward angles. Technology continues to advance the real estate market in new and innovative ways. The best way to choose which app is for you is to experiment with what site best fits your personal needs, and having fun doing it is an added bonus.